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Welcome to Children’s Art Network!

Delivering engaging art experiences to children in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia!  Hi there! We have recently launched this new website and are very excited about providing an improved resource for everyone to learn about us. From our new site, you can check on stay up to beat on our community projects, scope out […]

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Ancient Greece

Students will travel back in time and become Greek artisans. They will create Greek coins, “carve” their very own Greek columns and design their own discus (using traditional Greek designs) to be used for a future Olympic event. They will also participate in a human timeline and a Greek play complete with costumes and Greek […]

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Ancient China

Learn about the beauty and mystery of ancient Chinese culture. Students will learn about the first Emperor of China, see a life-sized version of the famous 2,000 year-old terracotta soldier, a good luck dragon and examine a Chinese Painting set. Participants will create Chinese Opera masks, good luck dragons and great pan hats using authentic […]

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For Our Youngest Readers and Artists! Here’s a chance for the youngest hands to make a one-of-a-kind book to take home and treasure. Each participant will make an accordion book that will feature an exploration of printmaking with found objects and by drawing, watercolor resist and collage techniques. This project is designed so that every […]

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Color it Windy

An Exploration of Color and Weather through Art The weather has never been so fun! Your instructor will arrive with rain stick in hand and exciting art projects in mind. We’ll use fine art reproductions in our weather forecasts and talk about weather legend and lore. Each budding artist/meteorologist will create a skyscraper snow scene, […]

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