About Us

Our mission at Children’s Art Network is to deliver engaging art experiences to children in the Shenandoah Valley Region of Virginia.


“Art will make your students think. Virtually every event in history or great work of literature can be beautifully paired with a work of art that will bring your idea home.”

~Brenda Papke, founder of the Children’s Art Network”


Who are we?

The Children’s Art Network is a non-profit organization.

We are a team of experienced artists and educators that have come together to make learning fun! Our programs build creative skills and knowledge in children.


Where are we?

These programs are offered to our local surrounding area schools — Waynesboro and Augusta County elementary schools in Virginia. All programs have been designed to provide a rewarding, creative component to your existing classroom curricula and support the Virginia Standards of Learning.

What do we DO?

We offer an engaging art and education focused program to our surrounding schools. It is called the Traveling Studio Program. Local teachers can sign up for the programs by calling our office or submitting this web form.


What are our goals and objectives?

♦ Expose local area students to a variety of art mediums and explore them to create a work of art.
♦ Create hands on learning experiences for children thorough art.
♦ Provide a rewarding, creative component to schools’ existing classroom curricula.
♦ Support the Virginia Standards of Learning in Art, History, Science and Language Arts.
♦ Expose students to different cultures and civilizations of the world to help them understand how they affect our world today. 

So, what do they say about this Traveling Studio Program?

“As always, we love having CAN come to our school! It allows the students the opportunity to show their creativity in a variety of ways.”

— Ms. Tyree

“Excellent program, as usual. One of the best outreaches of the year!”

— Ms. Dolan

“Wonderful, Hands on opportunity for my students to be creative and extend their knowledge!”

— Debra Sprouse

“This is a great way to teach curriculum through art. They like to learn in different ways. This is a different approach to teaching. I love this program! My students have such a great time doing these art projects and they end up learning so much.”

— Ms. Fitzgerald

“Hands-on activities help students to retain the information they learn. Thank you for giving the students the opportunity to enjoy these artistic, hands-on activities. So often these types of activities are squeezed out of the curriculum time restraints and pressure to cover all topics.”

— Mrs. Ford

“Very knowledgeable of content and great with kids! LOVE IT! This program is such a wonderful addition to the ancient civilization curriculum. It really brings those cultures to life for the kids.”

— Mrs. Reeser

How we got started

Children’s Art Network was formed in 1993 by Brenda Papke to serve the children and educators in Virginia. Through the design and implementation of innovative, quality art programming, Children’s Art Network (C.A.N.) makes significant contributions to the educational lives of our children.