How to Register

So, you’re ready to register for a program? Here’s how it works:

STEP 1. Review the programs and decide which you would like to register for.

STEP 2. Decide what times work the best for your classroom schedule.
Note, to optimize your instruction time, please schedule programs to begin AFTER the completion of your morning announcements and please allow the instructor at least 10 minutes in between classes if they are moving art supplies from one classroom to another. Each class is 1 1⁄2 hours long. The use of one classroom, art room, etc. for all Traveling Studio Programs for the day(s) of presentation is requested but not required.

STEP 3. Recruit help.
You will need to get 3 adults to help the instructor on the day your program is presented to lead one of the art projects (no art experience is necessary) by passing out materials and giving directions (that are written for them) to the students.

STEP 4.  Contact us.
You can click here to start the registration process online, call our office at (540) 885-3329, or email our office at

Make sure you provide the following information:

• The program name.
• Number of classrooms per grade.
• Number of children in each class.
• Contact person complete with email address and phone number.
• The preferred dates you would like to have your program.

STEP 5. Wait for us to contact you.
Ellen Ashby, our Office Manager, will return a program contract with your assigned dates to your contact person. Please make sure that each of the participating teachers receives a copy.

Additional information:

• Classes are available on a first come first served basis.
• Registration will only be confirmed when you return the completed and signed contract with a $35.00 deposit (make checks payable to the Children’s Art Network. This amount will be deducted from your final bill.). Please make sure that there is a home contact number on the contract in the event of inclement weather.
• A reminder will be sent the week prior to your scheduled program. The day of the scheduled program, your instructor will arrive with everything needed for a fun filled hour and a half! All you have to do is to arrange for volunteers (parents, grandparents, aides, etc.) and provide the work space!